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Salzburg After Dark
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Salzburg After Dark

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Get to know the darkest secrets of Salzburg on a walk through town.

On the way you will hear many spine-chilling stories that took place hundreds of years ago in Salzburg. Furthermore you will find out why we only get scared in the dark.

The focus will be on the witch trials of the 17th century. You will learn about the sorcerer “Jakl,” who was up to no good in the town of Salzburg; and witches’ Sabbaths, where the sorceresses joined up with Satan. These black masses were held for example on the Gaisberg Mountain. 

The town hall, the Waagplatz, and the New Residence are further stops on our journey. These places have dark histories as prisons, torture chambers, and places of execution. You will shudder to hear about torture practices and why alleged sorcerers and witches had their hair shorn and were washed with holy water.

We gain additional information about the dark Middle Ages from the so-called “Hexenbulle,” a script from 1485 which tells exactly how to protect oneself from witches. Let yourself be bewitched and come along on an eerie walk through Salzburg in the dark.

Tour: English guide

Departure Point: Accommodation pick-up service

Departure Time: 10 AM or 2 PM

Duration: 1,5 - 2 hours

Fees do not include additional costs like entrance fees, parking charges, or tickets.